European Year of Skills

9 May 2023–8 May 2024 has been designated as the European Year of Skills. You can participate as an individual or as an organisation.

The objective of the European Year of Skills is to highlight the importance of skills. The message is to encourage working-age people to take a closer look at their skills acquired in different ways and make them visible to others. In addition, individuals are encouraged to keep developing their skills throughout their careers.

How to participate as an individual

What skills do you have? What would you like to learn? Whose skills do you admire?

Take part in the European Year of Skills discussion on social media channels with the hashtags #OsaamisenVuosi and #EuropeanYearOfSkills.

How to participate as an organisation

What has your organisation done or plans to do to develop and celebrate skills?

Sign up your skill related action as part of the European Year of Skills and get the audience, attention and acknowledgement your organisation deserves.